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    Was founded1987Years,Is sha county key protection enterprise and contract keeping promises units,Is the Chinese flavors cosmetics industry association member units。 The company based on the local rich forest resources。Production to terpineol、Benzene ethanol、Longifolene、Different longifolene dominated“The green”Brand perfume materials products, Is mainly used for deployment of daily essence、Cosmetics fragrance raw material and manufacturing of spices。 Products meet the national light industry and British pharmacopoeia standards,And sell well all over the country and a large number of export Europe and the United States and southeast Asia and other countries。 


    Product number:350402

    CAS NO: 8aa000004aa0007

    EINECS NO: 23aa00026aa0001

    To come   The source: Semisynthetic mixture

    Color   Shape: Colourless liquid

    Sweet   Gas: The scent of syringa

    The secret   Degrees: 20℃,0.9310~0.9370

    Fold   The light: 20℃,1.4825~1.4855

    Distillation   Cheng: 214~224℃, ≥96%(v/v)

    Flash   Points:  92℃

    Solubility: Dissolved2Times the volume70%Ethanol

    To use   Way: Deployment of soap and cosmetics essence,And can be used in printing ink、The instrument、The telecommunications、Pharmaceutical industries,And used as a glass or a magnetic device on colour of solvent, etc。

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